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Eye. - アイ。 Stay. - 머무르다. Speaking Through Artistic Youth (STAY) Square. - מרובע

The term "square", in referring to a person, originally meant someone who was honest, traditional and loyal.

The evolution of American culture transformed the term from a compliment to an insult to an obsolete term.

Our goal at ESS is to bring back the true original meaning to the word "square".

After people understand the 'inside' of ess, they progress and think outside the box.

Bow Tie - Wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.

We use clothing as a tool to help us spread around. We want to show people that the world's got problems but are too blind to see the truth.

Our job is to wake yall up.

ESS promotes Positive Shit.

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